3 Jul

Newsletter – July, 2014 – Flood Prevention


Posted by: Kevin Carlson

Hello all;

Thank you so much to all of you that took a few moments to reply with YES to opt in for this quarterly newsletter.  For this first newsletter to only to those clients, I thought that with the rain and flooding we experienced all over Saskatchewan, some good information on flood prevention could come in handy.

I know that some of you did experience some basement water damage.  The links I provided below are certainly a good start, but I highly recommend getting a professional engineer to come and assess what needs to be done.  Many engineering firms have a backlog of months to get an engineer out to your property.  Over the last few years I have come to trust Jim Markatos of DKM Engineering Ltd. here in Regina.  His specialty is residential homes and he is extremely knowledgeable of the challenges that we have to deal with in our clay soil conditions.  He can be reached at 306-535-0789.

Please be sure that an engineer is consulted if you are considering putting in steel beams to brace cracked basement walls.  This is crucial when you sell your home down the road.  If a bank or mortgage lender finds out that there are braced basement walls and no engineers report, they almost always request that one be done prior to approving the mortgage.

If you did not find yourself with even a small amount of water in your basement over the last week, I am sure that you count yourself lucky.  However, this is the perfect time to have a look through the following informational links to make sure that next time has the same positive result.

The following are links to the City of Regina website that is full of great information…

Main flood protection page

Flood proofing tips

Troubleshooting tips

Backfill zone

Flooding cause – clay soil


Sewer backup

No weeping tile

Thank you again and I hope all of you have a great summer.